I wrote this workbook as a practical guide for the caregiver in all of us. It started as a personal project with my mother after my father passed away. it entailed many hours of work and worry on top of the pressures of my job and my life – probably much like those you are experiencing in your life right now. But it also provided many hours of enjoyment as we worked and played together. We got to know one another again in a different way and became fast friends.

My mother is now 93 and it has been a progressive journey. Since we moved her to California mom has lived in my home, a senior mobile home park, an independent senior living facility, and now she now lives in a senior residential care facility. She has lost weight and lost memory, but, luckily, she has not lost her sense of humor.

This book is designed to help you as you take on the role of caregiver. I created a number of systems and check lists to simplify taking care of mom. I'm sharing them with you in the hope that they will save you many hours of work and frustration. Although I have grouped the systems under headings, you need not read the book in any order, but simply look in the index for the area that will be of help. I know implementing the systems looks overwhelming as a whole, but I've included all I can think of in order to meet the various needs of different families. I struggled with the conventions of naming your parent and yourself throughout the book. I settled on the scenario most familiar to me, a daughter taking care of a mother. Please do not be offended if this does not fit your situation.

I am making the book available to you here as a color PDF, black & white PDF, Word Document and as on online animated flipbook.

You have my best wishes as you and your parent go on this journey together. . . . . and don't forget to laugh along the way.

Diane Moore, Ed.D, Author


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